CreaKids Inception

Our Journey

Hans Jacob and Randi Sundby are the founders, owners and CEOs of CreaKids / Læringsverkstedet. Their first preschool was founded in 2003, and has since then grown rapidly to become Norway´s second largest preschool chain. It´s now tutoring 12,000 children, has about 150 centres and 4000 employees. They have also expanded globally to Latvia, China and The United Arab Emirates.


The Scandinavian model is mostly having both parents working full time jobs. Preschools are considered important areas for children to learn social skills – how to behave and interact with others, as well as preparing for school in subjects like math and developing language skills.


Its our belief that high educational standards start as early as preschool age. We also believe we make the worlds most powerful resource, your child, thrive. Through our way of thinking we are creating a learning environment with a lasting impact. We really want to make a difference!


The educational program, developed by Randi Sundby (Master in Special Education), has three key elements – playful learning, interaction and mastering. As a tool to fulfill the goals within each dimension, the “Heartprogram” was developed. Due to such positive feedback from both users and governmental collaborators, this educational program often make CreaKids the preferable partner in new acquisitions and expansions.


The key value, the vision on which CreaKids is founded upon, is to make children feeling valuable and precious. CreaKids are supporting each individual child in becoming the best edition of him- or herself.


”If he or she graduates from our preschool, knowing in their hearts they have a worth by just being, we have succeeded!”


Why taking it globally?


”Finding the balance between the educational skills we all want our children to have, and the message of being precious for who you are and not only what your skills are, is tricky. We believe our educational program fulfill both goals in a unique way. We also believe all children in all countries would benefit from it, so why stop? The program can and will of course be adapted into the different cultures, but the main message remain uncluttered – you are valuable!”


The Sundby couple, both pedagogues, are in this for the long run, wanting their five children to inherit and contribute to the continously growing CreaKids network/family.




Become a CreaKids ELC


Sometimes a good Early Learning Centre will become even better under new ownership.

The Sustainable City Nursery:

Hours: Sun – Thurs: 8am – 6pm
*except holidays

Phone: 04 240 6728

Email: nursery@creakids.ae

Ibn Battuta ELC:

Hours: Sun – Thu: 8am – 6pm
*except holidays

Phone: 04 368 4130

Email: elc@creakids.ae

Ibn Battuta Play Zone

Hours: Daily 10am – 10pm


Phone: 04 361 9315

Email: playzone@creakids.ae