CreaKids is looking to expand!

The CreaKids brand is looking for locations to add to it's grow list of Early Learning Centre's and Nursery's within the region and globally.

We really do operate a sharing community between all our global locations. Learning from each other and implementing in each of our locations. Things we learn in Latvia are applied in Dubai, techniques in Dubai are implemented in our China Early Learning Centre and China is educating all of the 100+ Early Learning Centres in Norway. We believe the sharing community is the only way forwards.

We believe in

Local Cultures

We understand that a high quality Early Learning Centre has to be run locally by those who are familiar and passionately involved with the communities in which they are based. We are responsive to the influences of local culture at each of our school locations. What holds us together is the sharing of our common vision, values, priorities and the genuine desire to nurture every child’s possibilities.

Owners Who Are Educators

The educators who own it, created CreaKids. Promoting the integral development of children and seeing them thrive is what inspired us to apply our intention, expertise, and devotion for our passion to become a reality! The growth and development of our parents/guardians and employees is also important to us. Everything we do is focused on the bigger picture, expanded possibilities, goals, and the objective of creating the best Early Learning Centre’s possible for all involved.

A Culture of Sharing

Our culture of sharing means that good ideas from one centre are shared with all the others. Experiences from centres in Norway are therefore exchanged with all other CreaKids centres worldwide, thus providing continuity and the infinite prospect to expand in ideas and motivated actions. We believe in the value of best practice as we aim to balance the unique qualities of our organization with the practices that it has in common with others. Relevant knowledge, information and updates are available for everyone on our websites, world-wide.

The Sustainable City Nursery:

Hours: Sun – Thurs: 8am – 6pm
*except holidays

Phone: 04 240 6728

Email: nursery@creakids.ae

Ibn Battuta ELC:

Hours: Sun – Thu: 8am – 6pm
*except holidays

Phone: 04 368 4130

Email: elc@creakids.ae

Ibn Battuta Play Zone

Hours: Daily 10am – 10pm


Phone: 04 361 9315

Email: playzone@creakids.ae