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To be effective, an early year’s growth and development curriculum should be carefully structured and should encompass three core building blocks:


Provision for the unique and different starting points from which children of various ages and growth levels develop their learning, while cultivating and building on what they can already do;


Appropriate and relevant content that corresponds to the different levels of a child’s needs


Planned and purposeful activities that create opportunities for teaching, learning and skill development both indoors and outdoors.


Here at CreaKids, we ensure just that. Our EYFS curriculum classes also focus on the key developmental areas of the child, as do the Montessori and Norwegian curriculums.


Our EYFS nursery curriculum in Dubai is organised into 7 areas of learning:


Prime Areas


• Communication & Language


• Physical Development


• Personal, Social & Emotional Development


Secondary Areas


• Maths


• Literacy


• Understanding of the World


• Expressive Arts & Design


These 7 key areas help our EYFS teachers in Dubai to plan the learning environment, activities and experiences and provide a streamlined and comprehensive framework for the early year’s curriculum. However, this scheme does not divide the children’s learning experiences into different areas. One learning experience may provide a child with opportunities to develop and enhance a number of concepts, skills and competencies across several growth areas.


For instance, children building with blocks may participate in carrying the heavy large blocks, determine the best place to put the blocks, compare their different dimensions and weights, and enact an imaginary scene.


As a result, they may be simultaneously developing mathematical, language, physical, and personal and social skills through this single activity.


Communication and Language depend on learning and being competent in a number of key skills, together with having the confidence, opportunity, encouragement, support and disposition to use them. Every day in the classroom, is a learning experience for the child, especially as far as language and communication is concerned. The circle times, work sessions, story sessions and even the art sessions provide the children with the much needed exposure to the correct use of language, as far as listening and speaking skills are concerned.


Physical Development at this stage is essential, as young children grow rapidly. They develop confidence and control of the way they move and the way they handle tools and equipment. They need to be active and to move about in order to develop many of these fundamental skills. Our physical development program includes both structured and free play opportunities for the children. They help the child immensely to achieve their physical developmental milestones with ease.


Successful Personal, Social and Emotional Development is critical for very young children in all aspects of their lives. It is also a pre-requisite for their success in all areas of learning. It is crucial that the settings provide the experiences and support which enable children to develop a positive sense of them. Our classroom structure and planned activities ensure that the child is able to develop personally, socially and emotionally, in order that he or she may be able to maximise the benefit of being at the Early Learning Centre.


Mathematical Development, including later numeracy, depends on becoming confident and competent in learning and using key skills. This area of learning includes counting, sorting, matching, seeking patterns and working with numbers, 2 and 3 dimensional shapes, spaces and measurements. Mathematical understanding is also developed through stories, songs, games and imaginative play, so that children enjoy using and experimenting with numbers.


Literacy Development involves encouraging children to link sounds and letters and to begin to read and write. Children are given access to a wide range of reading materials (books, poems, and other written materials) to ignite their interest. They are given opportunities to practice forming their letters correctly, once they are 3 years and above. This is done via the use of special sensory material and tracing strips that train the hand to use the writing tool correctly.


Understanding the World is an area of learning that helps children to develop the skills, knowledge and understanding that help them to make sense of the world. This forms the foundation for later work in science, history, geography, design and technology and information and communication technology. We have our daily circle time, art sensory sessions, that are planned around scientific, geographic, historic and culture related themes that help the children to experience and appreciate differences from all around the world.


Expressive Arts and Design is fundamental to successful learning. The aspects covered in this area of learning include art, music, dance, role play and imaginative play. Being creative enables children to make connections between one area of learning and another and extend their understanding. Here too, our daily routine in the classroom, allows for more than one work session to focus on expressive arts and design.


FS 1 and FS 2 (3 years- 5 years)


Foundation stage children are busy and active. In preparation for mainstream schooling. They are encouraged to grow socially and advance academically. Our developmentally appropriate FS1 and FS2 program enables them to develop positive self-esteem, instils curiosity about the world, and fosters a love of learning.


Children are exposed to a wide variety of fine motor activities that help them develop the skills that they need to write letters. Whether writing in shaving cream, tracing sandpaper letters, or stamping letters, children begin to see and feel each letter’s formation. They begin with curves and lines, eventually learning to form letters. Children are given opportunities to write and draw on a variety of media, including chart paper, whiteboards, interactive boards, and dry erase boards.


CreaKids expansive selection of language, literacy, and writing materials foster growth in the development of beginning journaling skills.


Emphasis is placed on social interaction, emotional growth and independence. Children learn to follow directions, take turns, share and co-operate. They are given lots of opportunities to make decisions and encouraged to make good choices.


Circle Time helps children learn how to function in a group setting once again establishing that there is a time to talk and a time to listen, how to share their ideas, and how to learn from each other. (Other languages will be introduced during this time like Arabic and French)


Large group, small group, and individual activities provide a variety of experiences to enhance growth and development in all areas.


Math skills are developed with group and individual hands-on experiences. Children’s math experiences expand as they count higher, compare more, make graphs, expand patterning skills, and begin to add and subtract.


Art is enjoyed as children are exposed to both teacher’s directed projects and independent exploration of art materials.


Special monthly themes are conducted in order to plan the daily and weekly plans, seasonal activities and celebrate festivals.
They help to give the children awareness of the world around them.


Individual Portfolios and Assessments help collect each child’s work and monitor progress.


We combine the Jolly Phonics and the Oxford Learning Tree reading programs that make learning letters fun and exciting. Lessons are reinforced with hands-on activities. The program teaches the names, shapes, and sounds of letters and how those sounds blend to make words and sentences. The appealing story format and continuously developing adventure provide excellent opportunities for lively group discussions that help children develop their comprehension skills, including recollection of events, description, sequence, cause and effect, and interpretation of motive. CreaKids children are very well prepared for academic success, taking this next step with self-confidence and a love of learning.

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