Ibn Battuta Early Learning Centre

Ibn Battuta Early Learning Centre (ELC)

CreaKids Ibn Battuta prides itself on providing an environment which is creative, vibrant and stimulating, with a key focus on safety, security and cleanliness. CreaKids Ibn Battuta can accommodate 120 children and provides a minimum of 38 members of staff to manage, care and educate (adult: child ratios vary from 1:3 to 1:10 depending on the age group).


The outdoor space consists of 2,000 feet of shaded, padded and secure play area, including a climbing wall, trampoline, two play structures, a wooden house, a water play area, picnic tables and benches, a log train and large scooters and cars. Meanwhile, the newly renovated indoor area includes play structures, trampolines, dollhouses, cars, ramps, and soft play area. The 113-metre square space is the perfect location for birthday parties and other afterschool activities.

CreaKids Ibn Battuta is proud to be affiliated with top schools in Dubai. See below our current list of schools:  

  • Regent International School
  • Sunmarke School
  • JSS International School
  • Bradenton Prep School
  • Clarion School



This academic year, Sep 2017, we have 7 classes, catering to the following age groups.

Infant / Toddler Class

Infancy - 2 years

Preschool Class

2 - 3 years

FS 1 Class

3 - 4 years

FS 2 Class

4 - 5 years

Pre K Montessori

2.9 years- 4 years

KG 1 Montessori

4 - 5 years

KG 2 Montessori

5 - 6 years

(Please note that both curriculums follow the vertical age grouping in which the PRE K age group is mixed). The younger children learn from the older ones and the older ones teach the younger children.  This method is called scaffolding and it is a very elite method of teaching in which many theorists the likes of Maria Montessori and Lev Vygotsky have successfully implemented.

For an example of scaffolding, a child is given a puzzle and is unsuccessful on his own or would take a long time to do so, but was able to follow it after an interaction with the teacher, and has developed competence at the skill that will be applied to all future puzzles. This ability develops more with every guidance given and allows the child to develop his skills and use them on his own, developing higher mental functions.


We offer two languages, French and Arabic. The classes are conducted by a group called Baby Arabia.

The Heart Programme

The Heart Programme is an interactive session that allows the children to express their emotions and feelings in a positive way, through stories, pictures, scenarios and role play. The heart program is incorporated in everything we do on a daily basis. Every class gets a focus session of the heart programme, once a week.


We will offer a bus service that covers most areas, within the immediate neighbourhood and neighbouring areas.


We have a well equipped library on our premises, containing a vast variety of more than 1,500 books that range from the ages 1-6 years. Children attend story sessions in the library once a week. Parent volunteers are also invited to conduct reading sessions, through out the year, as an ongoing parent involvement program.

Outdoor Play Area

We have a safe outdoor play area, that allows the children to indulge in wall climbing, trampoline jumping and slides, in addition to swinging, sand and water play.

Indoor Play Area

Our indoor play includes soft play, trampoline jumping, and a vast role play area that enables the children of all ages to play creatively as well as to release their energy.

Our Early Learning Center Programs & Curriculum

Infant / Toddler



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