Norwegian Curriculum

(2yrs to 4yrs) • Preschool • Pre K

The Pedagogy


Our pedagogy comprises everything – from guiding principles to detailed and free form teaching plans for subjects such as Language, Math Play, The Heart Programme, Nature and Creativity.


CreaKids Centre plans curriculum to support all areas of a child’s development: cognitive, social, emotional, physical, and creative.


Learning in pre-school is hands-on and integrated. A child’s time outside chasing insects in the garden, for instance, incorporates all the ‘dispositions for learning’ as well as cognitive development:


Science – What type of bug is this? What do they eat?


Math – Is it larger or smaller than the other one? How many did you find today?”


Language – Butterflies are many colors. Let’s make up a poem about butterflies!”


Social skills – How can we all have a turn looking? You can have a turn next.


Physical development – Running after the butterfly, carefully stepping around plants, manipulating the butterfly net


Creative – Painting a picture of the butterfly in its habitat, dancing and moving like one.


There is no “math time,” “science time,” or “language time.” Learning is everywhere and happening all the time! Our teachers are skilled at looking for and creating moments of discovery and learning based on children’s needs and interests. They plan hands-on, minds-on experiences indoors and outdoors based on their knowledge of child development and best practices as well as the needs and interests of the children themselves.

Central Principles in Our Pedagogical Work:

PLAY is paramount to everything we believe in. We want knowledge and skills to be learned through play, whether we are doing math, drawing, dancing, or being physically active in nature. PLAY makes learning fun, natural, and easy to master. Through play, children train their social skills, sense of empathy, and self- esteem. Play stimulates natural imagination and interaction between children, and is at the core of our pedagogical work.

Interaction with others is decisive in a child’s development. Our learning centers have a strong sense of community, an aspect that may represent the most important learning arena for children in regards to social skills. This is where they work together to find solutions, listen to and understand one another, assert their own opinions and feel comfortable with expressing their own needs. Perhaps this is the learning center’s most important function. It is nice to be able to count and write, but an even more valuable quality is being able to interact well with other children and adults.

One of our core theorists is Albert Bandura. His thoughts about mastery lie at the base of our pedagogical ideas. His main focus on role models and how positive involvement from adults contributes to children’s expectations and mastery is central in the learning center’s everyday operations. This is highlighted by one of our mottoes: We want children to experience the joy of mastery. The learning center should give the children belief in one’s self and in others. The joy they experience through motivating themselves, achieving new things, and feeling a sense of mastery is a ballast for the rest of their lives. That is why the children are presented with challenges that request something of them, along with the support and comfort they need for having the courage to conquer. At CreaKids Centers, every child succeeds at something, every single day. Each individual should feel seen, acknowledged, and valued.

This is highlighted by one of our mottos:


We want children to experience the joy of mastery.


Each and every child is competent and has many inherent resources that we want them to express through their everyday lives at the learning centre. Children’s curiosity and wonderment lay the foundation for lifelong learning. Children should be encouraged to express themselves, become visible and contribute within a social context. It is all about giving children space, both physically and mentally, to express themselves around others. Every child should experience being seen, heard, and understood by appreciative, clear and responsible adults.


The Norwegian Framework Plan for Early Learning Centres defines seven academic areas, covering a wide scope of learning. In practice, these academic areas often overlap, when it comes to the everyday and more planned activities. Spontaneous situations and communication will arise through social interaction and play.

Our Academic Theory

We have chosen to integrate the seven academic areas of the Norwegian Framework Plan into a weekly programme with five academic areas, and we focus on each of these areas on a set day every week.

Our five daily topics are:


• Language

• Nature

• Maths Play

• Creativity

• The Heart Programme


For each of the academic areas the children also take part in weekly or monthly projects with various themes.

The Heart Programme


The Heart Programme aims to strengthen the children’s self-esteem and their ability to interact socially. The program is about ME – the child as an individual who tries, wants and has abilities. It is also about YOU – how we find solutions together, care for each other, handle conflicts and friendships. Finally, the program is about US – the children as part of a larger group.

Maths Play


We call it maths play because we introduce children to maths through play. Children are naturally curious and interested in numbers, counting, sequences and sizes. Through maths play, we further amplify this curiosity.



PLAY also plays a vital role in the development of language and linguistic understanding. Our character for the language theme is RHYMING -ROGER. He is a playful little chap who loves poems and rhymes, rhythm and syllables, sounds and pronunciation, writing and stories.



We want the children to experience the joys of nature by giving attention to everything nature brings in summer, spring, autumn and winter. Our focus on experiences in nature creates a respect for animals and plants and an understanding of why it rains, thunders and snows.



Stimulating children’s imagination and their joy of creation is one of an Early Learning Centre’s most important tasks. We aim to nourish imagination and give ideas wings – every single day.

Play & Movement

Create a link between all our five subject areas.

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