It’s early February and the weather during the day is perfect for spending outdoors. Don’t forget the sun lotion and a hat as it is pretty warm out there in the middle of the day and with the following activities on hand, they are going to get a little warmer, burning energy as they go. In this age of technology we thought we would provide you with some retro games, some you might remember from your childhood and would like to show your children.

Red rover

Children are divided into two teams and each form a long line, holding hands facing each other (about 20 feet apart).  Each team takes it in turn to shout, “Red Rover, Red Rover, let xxx come over!” and they insert a child’s name from the other team. That child leaves their team’s line and runs as fast as they can to the other line to try and break through the hands. If they succeed, they get to take someone back to their team, if they don’t manage to break through, then they have to join that team. The losing team will end up with no players.


Red light, green light

One person is the traffic light at one end, while all the other children are at the other end. When the traffic light faces the group, he says ‘Red light’ and everyone freezes, they then turn their back and say ‘green light’ and everyone else tries to get as close to the traffic light as possible. The traffic light has to turn back around quickly and say ‘red light’ and if he catches anyone still moving, they go back to the start. The first person to reach and tag the traffic light wins and becomes the next traffic light.


Hide & seek (kick the can)

A timeless classic, where one person is ‘it’, closes their eyes and counts to a number (anything form twenty to a hundred) and the others go and hide and wait to see if they will be found. You can add a twist to this by placing a can in the middle of the area, and if someone who hasn’t been found manages to kick the can over without being seen, they win, otherwise, the last person to be found is the winner.


Tag (shadow tag and freeze tag)

No matter where you’re from, everyone is familiar with Tag or It, where one person is ‘it’ and has to chase the others to try and tag them with his hand, once he does they become it, and so the game continues. This can be given a twist by playing shadow tag, where you have to tag the shadow with your feet, rather than tough the person. This obviously works best on sunnier days, and becomes harder in the middle of the day when shadows are at their smallest. Another variation is freeze tag, where the person who gets tagged has to freeze and can only be unfrozen by one of the others.


Stop, thief!

One of the children is named the guard and gets blindfolded and given a rolled up magazine or newspaper and sits on a chair. A number of items are scattered around the guard’s seat. The other children aim to steal the items as quietly as possible, if the guard hears them he shouts ‘Stop, thief!’ and tries to hit them with his newspaper, if he manages to hit them without standing up, the item gets returned. The winner is the person who steals the most without getting caught.

Have fun and enjoy the outdoors whilst you can!

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