The Sustainable City Vacancies

As part of our team, you have the opportunity to develop both as a teacher and as a person – and you do the world’s most important job in the best possible way.

Position Overview:

The Accountant is responsible for the monthly financial statement close process, Performing general ledger analysis, variance analysis and financial statement preparation. The accountant makes recommendations on budget issues, advises and provides technical support in preparing budgets.

Position Overview:

Providing support within the student transportation services area with specific responsibilities to assisting children during transport to and from the ELC and/or special activities; ensuring orderly entering and leaving of bus patrons; maintaining seat chart of riders; and ensuring the safety and sanitation of assigned vehicles.

Position Overview:

The Custodian is responsible for keeping the ELC premises clean and tidy and undertaking other key housekeeping duties such as laundry. The Custodian is required to perform the following duties on an on-going basis demonstrating the highest standards and with a positive attitude

Position Overview:

The floater’s primary role is to support and aid the classroom she is placed in. The floater should work together with fellow colleagues to assure a good learning environment for the children. She must be willing to take on any role she is given, based on the staff member she is asked to replace.

Position Overview:

The main job of School Nurse was established for the purpose of assessing the health needs of children; developing emergency care plans and individual health plans, incorporating input from parent and/or physician; complying with the laws relating to children’s health, including parental and guardian consent; providing appropriate care for ill, medically fragile and/or injured children; providing health information and serving as a resource to parents, teachers, staff, and administrators; and identifying health problems for referral for proper treatment.

Position Overview:

Responsible to provide administrative support in order to ensure all services are provided in an effective and efficient manner.

Position Overview:

The assistant teacher will work collaboratively with the teacher and the team to support a program that is stimulating and challenging for each individual child.

Position Overview:

The teacher will work collaboratively with ELC team members to support a program that is stimulating and challenging for each individual child.

We are looking for people who have a desire to contribute and commit themselves, who are capable of listening to others, sharing experiences and strengthening common ambitions. We believe in giving people opportunities. We provide a working environment where our employees can learn, grow, and succeed.
We want to work with people who have a constant drive to improve and develop themselves. Both professionally and personally, there is always a lot to be learned. The desire to always be the best we can be is a prerequisite for everyone who works at CreaKids.


To apply for a position at CreaKids, please drop by our centre or send us an email with your CV and qualifications to hr@creakids.ae

The Sustainable City Nursery:

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Ibn Battuta ELC:

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Ibn Battuta Play Zone

Hours: Daily 10am – 10pm


Phone: 04 361 9315

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