The CreaKids Heart Programme

The heart is our symbol for subject areas relating to ethics, philosophy, philanthropy and humanitarianism.


We are devoted to mentoring children with the objective of leading them in the development of having an open heart, understanding for others, tolerance and empathy, while, at the same time, increasing their own self-esteem, confidence, and mastery. The Heart Programme aims to nurture children as strong individuals and as part of an action-oriented community. This requires a lot from our employees. In addition to professional knowledge and academic schooling, they must possess the important human characteristics that give children comfort, fortitude and social awareness.

In the thematic area Heart, we ensure that children become familiar with their local environment and society. We delight in teaching the little ones how to make a friend, keep a friend, and be a friend to many. The Heart Programme is also the ideal platform for teaching children about international solidarity, which in children’s terms means something along the lines of “thinking about and helping people in other countries”. Through various responsive projects the children focus on different cultures and traditions, and are introduced to charitable and neighbourly concepts and values. In addition, we are passionate about gifting our children the ability to see their own self worth.


An example of our effective positive self-awareness activities is the Rose Chair. One child at a time is selected to sit in the Rose Chair, and as they sit, each of the other children surrounding them will take turns saying nice things that are particular to the good qualities of the seated child.


Good experiences in our daily lives can leave permanent imprints. To a large extent, The Heart Programme is focused on how we behave towards each other and how we accept and love ourselves. Every one of us has a unique place in our community – a valuable position no one else can fill.

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