Infant & Toddler Programs

Infancy - 24 months

Our infant and toddler rooms are designed to reflect the loving space of home, a comfortable place to learn, play, and grow. We take special care to provide a warm and interactive environment. Our teachers work with each parent and infant to facilitate a smooth transition into our infant program. We strive to create a bond with your baby that will make them feel safe, secure, and loved at the Centre. All of our infants eat, sleep, and play according to their own individual schedules. Our teachers provide warm, loving, responsive care in an enriched infant appropriate environment. They are experienced and trained to meet the individual emotional, physical, and social needs of each infant. Teachers stimulate cognitive and physical development through interactive care and play.


    • Each day includes some special snuggle time, with lots of hugs and individual attention.


    • Language development is implemented, as teachers talk to and interact with the toddler during feeding, diapering, and play.


    • Babies learn to grasp and manipulate toys, vocalize sounds, recognize familiar objects / pictures, and enjoy books.


    • Toys are selected to stimulate sensory awareness, fine motor skills, and large motor development.


    • Exploration of various textures, colours, and shapes provides visual and tactile stimulation.


    • Soft music and toys are introduced to provide auditory stimulation.


    • Our individual daily care report provides parents with documentation of each infant’s bottles, meals, diapering, and naps.


    • Developmental portfolios are kept on each child and are always available for parent viewing.

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